Honors and Awards

Outstanding Personality in the Arts, 2011

The Cityhall and the Youth Symphony Orchestra declare Roland Schlieder the Outstanding Artist
Roland Schlieder received the special recognition award for his never resting work in the field of the Arts. As conductor of the Symphony Orchestra and Arts Manager he founded the Youth Symphony Orchestra of Santa Cruz and supported young musicians in their musical development. Through his international network, nearly the complete orchestra could be part of festivals, masterclass, and also visiting other orchestras in Latin America. After 8 years of dedication to the orchestra Roland Schlieder decides to focus more on his main instrument - the classical guitar - and perfomring concerts.


Junior Chamber International Bolivia, Outstanding Young Professional, 2006

The JCI honors Roland Schlieder for his dedication to he Arts.
Roland Schlieder has supported the development of the Arts in Bolivia through the foundation of the 1st Symphony Orchestra in the City of Santa Cruz. After his inmesurable decication many young artist could develop their talents in a new field, that never had a structure that offers oportunities for young musicians. Roland Schlieder has opened a new path om the field of the arts

Chamber of Commerce and Industry - Award to the Outstanding Young Personality of the Year, 2009

The Chamber o Commerce and Industry of Santa Cruz, honors Roland Schlieder for his dedication and work supporting the arts in the city and State of Santa Cruz. For the last 6 years, Roland Schlieder has supported young musicians in their development as a artist, by giving them the opportunity to move to the city and study at the Orchestra Academy, and offering scholarship for living expenses and also University studies.