Audio Recordings


Recordings are an essential part in the life of a concert artist, because it helps the audience to be part of a living moment - the concert.
In the past the public was always in search of an opportunity to hear music; not only concerts but also radio presentations became the center of music performances and later on also the printed vinyl recording.
In our days we have an immense offer of digitilized music on the internet. But even before the Internet, recordings had become very often the "enemy" of the performance and a live concert got always compared to the quality of the recordings.

It is always great to be able to hear the music over and over again, but the listener should be aware that there is nothing more vivid and exiting then a live concert.


Isaac Albeniz

Nr. 6 - Rumores de la Caleta
from "Recuerdos de viaje", Op. 71

Arr.: Roland Schlieder

Fernando Sor

Introduction and Variations on a theme by Mozart, Op.9

Joaquin Malats

Nr. 2 - Serenata Espanola
from "Impresiones de Espana"

Federico Moreno-Torroba

Suite Castellana

I. Fandanguillo
II. Arada
III. Danza


Agustin Barrios

La Catedral

I. Preludio
II. Adante religioso
III. Allegro solemne

Francisco Tarrega

Recuerdos de la Alhambra