Living in Germany now…and teaching!!

Well I am back on track now. 🙂

After several months working on establishing myself back in Germany, I can say that now I am ready to keep working on my blog and website.
It has been few months of search for a new apartment and finally having my family all together with me in Germany. I also started to teach at my old School and of course also guitar-students. My dead line for my book was of course not possible to reach, since the situation of finding an apartment is right now ridiculous!! There are no apartments and if you find something you can not afford then. But well… I got through and found a very nice big space for my family!

So this means that I am back online. I mean Online, because here in Germany it took me 2 months to get Wifi at home!! But now here I am… ready to keep writing and teaching.

The concert situation is also improving, since traveling to the USA is much cheaper from Germany then from South-America. This was very important in order to get a good Agent in the USA.

Teaching is of course my passion…. as maybe some of you can tell.
So I will start again teaching AND also Online Lessons!!
I had many students from different countries in the past, and we had lots of fun. Specially when I can tell that the student is practicing a lot with my technical approach, because the technique and ability of expression improves enormous. here we go with some new ideas on technique!!

Keep in touch !!

Greetings to all me followers!!


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