Another finger-independence training exercise with Contrary Motion

Hello everybody!

Here again something new for our left hand.
The following exercise is not a new one. If you analyse the general idea of it you will find some similar exercises. The exercise is  based on a technical exercise that my teacher Celin Romero taught me. You can also find it in Pep Romeros method book or in Scott Tennant books “Pumping nylon”. Scott Tennant was also a Romero student.

In the following we will execute the exercise quiet different. Mainly because I believe that everything we do on the guitar should be done always with sound, since the sound will always tell us if we are doing it right and also if we are improving!

Contrary Motion is a very good concept in order to train finger independence.
You should read and practice the exercises from my earlier posts.

So…here we go to the next one:

Here you can see the exercise that we will be able to play. But before you get to this exercise I always teach my students an exercise that is more like an  preparation to this one. Each finger should be trained individually first. Again the basic concept of this exercise is from my teacher Celin Romero, but we will apply it a little different – with sound.

It is very important that you keep the fingers on the position s long as possible, like trying to play everything legato legatissimo.

Once you fell confortable with the single finger training, then you can go ahead and practice the advanced exercise above.
The score shows only the training for the fingers 1-2, if you want more you can get them directly from me, just contact me.


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